September 19, 2019
photo of phone showing social chatting apps

10 Freshest Social Chatting Apps to Check Out this 2019

Social chatting apps are flourishing this 2019.

Tech developers are paving their way to provide awesome social media chatting apps. These apps solidify existing features and bring in new and clever features.

Want to know the best social media chatting apps? You don’t need to check every app, we’ve compiled the top 10 newest social chatting apps that are worth to install:


EyesUP is one of the social chatting apps that’s trying to reinvent the way we do social media.

Nowadays, everyone focuses on putting up many features on their social networking apps. By adding so many features, users end up getting a laggy device.

Users can chat with people, as well as do audio and video calls. The app also has a nearby feature on which the app will have suggested friends based on your location. Aside from that, they can check new users on the app’s discover feature and build their own engaging content.


With Ablo, you can meet and gain new friends and discover human and cultural diversity. It doesn’t matter what your language is, thanks to its built-in language translator. There’s also a video chat feature for real-time conversations.

Enigma Chat

Enigma Chat combines security and minimalism. This social media chatting app provides passcode authentication, end-to-end encryption, hide chat feature, lock chat feature, and disabled notification feature.

These features protect your messages from hackers and lurkers.


Chat anonymously with FaceCat. This indie messenger allows users to create discussions under an alias and avatars. It can create open multi-user chats and has encrypted data features.


HereHere is one of the location-based social media chatting apps. What the user only needs to do is select a place on Google Maps and voila, you’ll see the users who are in that area, real-time. You can check out if a certain place has an event, or if you’re looking for someone who can be your companion in the same area.


GroupMe is a social media chat app for all the groups in your life. Whether you want to have a group chat with your family or friends, you can create a chat room in just a few clicks. Aside from text messages, you can also share photos and videos to your chat rooms.

Chudo Messenger

Chudo brings in the fun side of messaging, as users can create Live 3D Avatars for their Chudo account.

Users can also have their own personal keyboard and customized emojis.

Chad App

Chad is a messaging app that allows its users to chat with people online. It has location-based chat rooms pinned on the app’s map. Users can also filter the map using tags to find events near them.


Thready is a messaging app that is inspired by slack. With this social chatting app, you can create threads within chats. You can also use threads to share pics, making photo-sharing more organized.

Pen Pals

With Pen Pals, there’s no swiping or followers feature. This means that you don’t need to worry about gaining numbers. Users can instead focus on having genuine conversations.

And there you have it, here are the 10 freshest social chatting apps you need to check on this 2019.

Find the perfect messaging app for your needs. Share this blog post on your socials so that you can invite your friends to check this list too. Happy chatting!