December 12, 2019

The Next Big Three Things in Secure Messaging Apps

Telegram’s Delete Forever Feature

The feature sound dramatic at first, It has a sense of finality that sound equally pleasing to users, in social media age, anyone can be put on trial of public opinion, not directly legally, some cases at least lead to lawsuit, some even lose their jobs, careers and reputation tarnished.

There are cases that these screengrabs has successfully turn the bad apples around, for a drama some people might fabricate and twist the narrative that would make you look like a terrible person. In case like Telegram, the feature, delete forever makes permanent absolute and real.

This feature functions like a nuclear option that absolves incriminating, embarrassing, and humiliating messages, at some point you want to move forward and sadly, some people would find ways to get dirt on you.

In some social media instances, twitter has exposed some controversial tweets, in the case of James Gunn’s fring (now reinstated) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

The new feature makes telegram great, something users should take advantage, it helps protect your price, it encourages people to talk more heart to heart instead of posting vague rants or disinherited thoughts, it helps that you talk to someone, and if you’re not comfortable then you can delete the message any time.

WhatsApp’s Group Invite

Next to Telegram, WhatsApp has been a secure messaging app staple. Two days ago, the app brings a new secure feature called Group Invite that requires users to take your permission before adding to your group chat, respectively.

This function helps users to know if the people their adding are legit and not spammers or hackers, it helps a lot that you

To enable this feature, go to: Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups and in groups option, you can choose who you can add on your group chats. The nobody option won’t allow anyone to add you on a group chat without your permission. The group invitation lasts for 72 days. When it comes to shared media, it will still remain on the group chat but since this feature is in developing stages, we could see removal of shared media from the user erased as well, only time can tell

The newly created chat sends you a request to add or not that protects your privacy, and lessens your time with people you don’t want to deal with, we Filipinos for instance happen to have a lot of family group chats, some random awkward selfies of your aunt and uncles, and worse name calling or misunderstanding, that happens to be awkward especially if you’re meeting them on social occasions since it can’t be helped.

“Encrypted Messaging Made Simple”

Cyphr’s tagline says it all, your messages are encrypted and protected and the servers can’t track down your message that aren’t logged. No complex encrypted feature, cyphr’s simplistic approach assures your messages are safeguarded from any message and the amazing feature of cyprhr is that the recipient is required to use a passcode on opening a message.

Calling Apps for Android You Should Check Out!

From incognito mode calling to secure calling apps, Android has a lot of calling apps to offer that make user’s experience worth it. We’re breaking down the list of many calling apps that you should try out:


One of the famous messenger apps, its reputation widely known for efficient video calls and chats is also available on mobile, Skype on mobile gives you that experience that is same as PC, and makes conference calls on the go, anytime, anywhere.

For business-savvy users, Skype for business offer a lot of optimized chats and conference calls that meets productive standards in a fast-paced world.


Available on mobile and desktop, this app offers secret chats and self-destruct features that show definite communicating experience without a hunch, its end-to-end encryption protects the user’s data from getting to other third-party hosts and potential hackers. Oh you can delete some messages that removes that message you choose to delete from your recipient.

What makes this app amazing is that you have sticker on messaging that adds the fun on chatting experience.

Hike Messenger

Similar to Skype, what makes this messaging app to look out is that its conference call can add up to 100 people, and its messaging feature comes with stickers similar to main apps like Viber and Telegram.

Tango Messenger

Tango is one of the few video calling apps with personalized calls using Tango Surprises with fun animations that allow to play around, express yourself, play with kids and in a way celebrate and the best part is it’s for free.

For those who wants to have dynamic, fun chill chats, Tango messenger is the right app that fills your novelty needs.


A good alternative to WhatsApp, WeChat is an app that definitely customer proven with over 300 million users around the world, phone calls that are free, crystal clear voice and private.

Google Duo

Google Duo boasts a high quality video calls and works for both iOS and android devices that allow everyone to call and not miss out every moment with a single tap onscreen, you can start a video call right away. Thanks to suggested contacts below the screen, it’s easier to navigate contacts and sort out just for you.

Knock Knock feature is a preview lets you leave and record a short message even before going live. Say if you’re shy or want to give someone a heads up to start a conversation or quick reminders, heck even a prank call if you’re in a for a thrill! No seriously, don’t even think about it, as funny as it sounds, it’s not cool.

Google Duo is available globally, and for Filipinos out there who has relatives around the world and wherever you are, this app makes sure you catch every moment with your friends and family.


With 250 million users, TrueCaller filters out spam and other unwanted messages that gives you a peace of mind. This app has a community-based spam list that updated by users worldwide, this app offers a simplistic approach that takes out the nuisance.

It’s perfect for those who doesn’t like any spam or promo texts. Backup calls, history contacts are messages on google drive.


A free calling app lets you call anyone in over 200 countries, Digitone has a walkie talkies type of feature, by holding the button, you can talk and record voicemail that is tied to one clean interface.


Proven to be safe and secure, I frequently recommend this app mainly for its secured features, and calling is definitely free of charge but you still need to have wifi access to make a call. If you’re at work at home, or anywhere that has wifi then it shouldn’t be hassle.

Google Voice

Made by google, the app’s relaunch with a minimized visual design is similar of other applications that gives a sense of familiarity and easy on the eyes. The company keeps the Voice’s original number unconnected from your device and contact that easily makes your call log undetected, untraced and most of all safe.

Past issues with this app prior is its unappealing,  ugly drop-down menus for different parts of the interface that including your voicemails, your inbox, and a terrible blue-and-grey theme for in-line conversations that makes a bad combination.

And with the new, and updated features, google didn’t hold back on this one: the selling point of a calling app untied to your service carrier gives you freedom and not restricted to any charges.

Google Voice is available in the US and Canada as of the moment.


These days, your phone can be functions exactly like your burner phone without the need of getting a second phone: you have control of your personal information, your number is undetected, untraced by the receiver (scary right?) and the app intercepts your calls and route them on your own phone that makes your call, text untraceable. The app may sound something out of spy genre movies sounds cool and it’s functional, it’s a burner app that definitely works.

For dating, salespeople, and online shopping, this app is definitely the one that suits for incognito, if one doesn’t feel they’re safe or being watched, because let’s be honest mobile internet: there’s always a likelihood that you are being traced.

For business transactions and side projects, this is an app allows you keep your activities on tab and lessens the risk of being mixed to your regular since we all have to make a hustle and have to eat.

Sounds risky? The app’s success has been recognized by TIME Magazine’s Top 50 apps as well as WIRED and TechCrunch for its innovative, game-changing burner phone that allows users that they can rely on, given the recognition, this app has proven to be a real deal.

This app gives you a 7-day free phone number that you can use, additional use require in-app purchase so you’ll have to shell out some money however, if you’re investing for a burn phone, you should definitely go with this app.

Hangouts Dialer

Call anyone from your hangouts contacts, and if you happen to live in the US and Canada, the app is free of most calls. The Outbound Caller ID detects, verify contacts that avoids any suspicious activity and makes authenticated contacts exist.

Reviewers on Google Play Store hail its 4G efficiency and sound quality calls in wifi are crisp and clear not to mention fast. This app is compatible in all devices.


Slack brings the collaboration and productivity within the chat room that allows each user to call their contact in any urgent meeting and makes workspace portable and efficient without the need of setting up a face-to-face meeting that spares one from the traffic and spending commute money.

The hashtag feature organizes the workload and keeps track of its users, and in a way it allows the conversation to pertain the subject of the topic they’re about to discuss and lets you focus.


Caller ID, call blocker and call recorder made easier and convenient possible, this app blocks any spam, filler message. Features include: Who Called Me?  Works like a call blocker that can block spam and detect the real caller behind the number.

True Caller ID app feature lets you detect your contacts’ social media accounts that verify your contact and in a way it guarantees a contact is either a fake or legit, the blacklist detect spam calls and you can track these numbers in “who called me?” feature that allow you to block them.

The auto record feature includes incoming and outgoing calls that takes away the hassle of pressing the record button.

The incognito mode call feature, to put it simple works like the web browser’s counterpart that keeps all your calls confidential, untraced in call log history.

With all these whopping features makes CallApp a contender and an efficient app that meets the user’s basic needs.

Caller ID Faker

At some point of our adulating life comes with responsibilities, work, unwanted and we’ll reach to a part where we want to doze off, well maybe a few calls in between while you’re on vacation mode, Caller ID allows to block certain numbers that you might want to take a break from


This app receives all your text messages and contacts from your first phone that basically functions like your first phone, it’s like using multiple phones that without its physical existence, it makes you feel like having another phone even if you leave it at home or office, downside is that you need a stable and strong wifi signal

4G Calling App for Android

4G feature has made calling in android faster and doesn’t slow down caused by the internet;  That means your calling speeds without a lump.

CU, or connecting U, a calling app available in India is built privately that meets has a built-in protective feature for calling that makes business transactions and shopping easier, safer, and with 4G connectivity, your data is safe from any prying eyes.

Secure Messaging Apps For Beginners

For beginners, jargons may seem intimidating especially if you’re not a technie not me. Well, I can assure you that you’re not the only one, we’re still learning; in the long run, it helps a lot getting to familiarize oneself with these terms and you’ll learn to love it.

If you’re looking for secure messaging apps, some are free others have their own packages with specific rates, the latter may sound discouraging at first because nobody likes the idea of cashing out, if you’re working, on a business or your line of work involve some confidentiality. Without further ado, here are things to look out for secure messaging apps for beginners:


In layman’s terms, encryption is converting data and codes that prevents unauthorized access so that means you can put your messages and other line of communication in converted. An encrypted feature in a messaging app makes any data accessible to you.

There are a lot of apps in android but we’ll get later on to that. On the iOS format, CoverMe is one of the leading secure messaging apps for iPhone users that consist of end-to-end encryption, private phone number and communication that ensures call and text protected, and there’s also a fingerprint lock for opening the app. Sounds like something from a movie huh?

Viber and Telegram are two of Android’s sought out messaging apps because of its user-friendly features that consist of secret message option that only sticks to your device and both have self-destruct message feature that you schedule the message’s time limit of your own choosing. These apps are available on iOS as well.

Hidden Message

Also called secret chats, this feature specializes protected message from prying eyes and in apps like Viber comes with a 4-pin access code. Hidden message is almost untraceable by servers that prevents any threat from outside chats and server systems.

Self-Destruct Countdown

Also available on secret chats, self-destruct countdown in apps like Telegram and Viber feature that makes chat history disappear on both ends. In Telegram, you can set the timer in a couple of seconds or minutes, depending on your preference that works for you though the cons of this feature is that your recipient can still screengrab the chat but you can still be notified.

Net Nanny

While we’ve mentioned business, work and confidentiality associated with secure messaging features in our past articles, let’s take note that anyone can access apps, it’s easy to learn and even children can get a hold of messages and communicate with strangers that makes them vulnerable in the digital age as well.

Net Nanny is a software for parents that can customize, control and block and limit them from net usage including the internet. Its features consist of monitoring, limiting and protecting by blocking sites that allow safe use for children at all devices that gives them a peace of mind – anytime, anywhere.


That being said, secure messaging matters, it matters for our own safety, our privacy and protect ourselves from hackers, digital age makes connectivity both a blessing and a pain that we must be vigilant always cautious.

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