October 15, 2019

The 6 Most Memorable Social Media Challenges of All Time

Challenges are part of the social media culture. From a tagging challenge to song-lyrics messenger prank challenge, everyone’s willing to dive in with the crowd. It’s usually for fun, but mostly, it’s for clout (likes and follows).

Curious about the challenges I’m talking about? Check these top 6 social media challenges that took the internet by storm.

The 6 Most Memorable Social Media Challenges of All Time

Ice Bucket Challenge

This monumental challenge happened about 5 years ago (July 2014). The mechanics on this is pretty simple. If you’re tagged on the challenge, you either donate for the ALS Association or dump a bucket of ice water over your head. The point of the whole ice bucket thing is to give promote awareness for the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (thus ALS).

This is one of the most memorable challenges and also provided people with ALS fair help for their situation, as this gag garnered about 220 Million dollars.

Planking (Lying Down Game)

At some point in 2008-2011, you’ve seen this pose: Someone lying down on a random pavement. (See Featured Image)

Known as lying down game, extreme lying down, and facedown, Planking has become an internet fad that became widely popular globally.

Despite its trending success, planking became controversial as it fades into the limelight. This is due to people planking on ridiculous and at times dangerous places.

The Harlem Shake

Started by the YouTuber FilthyFrank, this internet meme quickly rose to popularity by 2013, the time where the said the video-sharing app is at its peak, content-wise. It then became a popular challenge for internet users.

The Harlem Shake involves tons of dancing, and nope we’re not talking about the regular, in-sync dancing. We’re talking about random wiggly, seizure-like movements.

Chubby Bunny Challenge

This challenge has started way earlier. It’s not a super popular fad but it’s also the type of challenge that will still be in trend in the next few years. It only involves marshmallows and an incredibly wide mouth.

What’s the challenge all about? Well, you have to fill in as much as marshmallows in your mouth, while saying chubby bunny. The one who has the most marshmallows wins.

Mannequin Challenge

This challenge became popular in November 2016, different people across the globe dive in this harmless challenge. How does this challenge work? It involves a group of people and a cameraman. The gist is that the group of people has to freeze like a mannequin for a few seconds. The more difficult the poses are, the better.

Tide Pod Challenge

tide pods social media challenge
Tide Pods

This weird (and dangerous) challenge became viral in December 2017. It involves people eating Tide Pods, a laundry product by Tide. At first glance, it looks like a delicious candy, thus people joked around about eating it. Unfortunately, some content creators took the chance to capitalize on this meme and started chewing on these things.

It went viral as more content creators started goofing around with tide pods. But most social media platforms took most of the videos down since there are reports of people getting poisoned because of tide pods.

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5 Signs that you’re Getting Catfished | Social Media Dating Tips

Social media dating has become the norm. Before, if someone finds out that you’re trying to look for love online, you’ll get embarrassed and teased upon. But now, everyone’s encouraging each other to try out different social media dating platforms–to start their dating journey by swiping right.

This is because of its convenience. With social media dating apps, you can do the bare minimum and still get a date by the next week. It also defies distance, as you can meet love from another province, state or country. Imagine if there are no smartphones nor internet around, how will you be able to meet the love of your life now?

But along with the convenience and other perks social media dating has given to us, there are risks that come with it. One of them is chatting to a catfish.

What is a Catfish?

A catfish is a slang word used for a person who uses a different identity online. Catfishes usually do this to lure someone into a romantic relationship. They will push their victims into sending them money, intimate photos, or gifts.

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Catfishes are everywhere. Every social network has these kinds of people, simply lurking and searching for their next victim. It’s been so prevalent that there’s an MTV show just for that.

5 Signs that you’re Chatting with a Catfish

It’s possible that the one you’re chatting right– yes the beautiful blonde girl with emerald eyes– could be a catfish. So if you’re doubting or simply curious, here are the signs to use when spotting a catfish.

#1: They Can’t Video Call You

Yes, shy people exist and some are not comfortable with video calling through messenger. But if they refuse to do a video call, even if you’ve been asking for several times already, then there’s already a chance that person is a catfish.

#2: They Refuse to Meet in Person

If the person you’re chatting to is in another province, state, or country, then it’s reasonable for him/her to reject your meetup invite. But if the person is within your city and refuses to see it just because he/she is a catfish or someone that’s not supposed to go on a date (e.g. married).

#3: Can’t Send Voice Recordings nor Answer a Voice Call

In line with the first sign, let’s say that the person is simply shy. If that’s the case, you can ask the person for a voice call instead. Now if the person still refuses to talk to you, then you’re most likely talking to a different person, and probably from the opposite sex.

#4: Asking for Gifts or Money

Don’t ever give gifts or money to someone you haven’t met in real life yet. Yes, you’re in a “long-distance relationship” with this person but how can you be so sure that the person you’re talking to is real?

#5: Something is Off

If your instinct is telling you that something off about the person you’re chatting to, then maybe it’s better to actually assess the person you’re chatting to. Is he/she has the signs above? What makes you think something is off? If he/she has most of the signs above, then it’s best to let go.

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19 Trending Slang Words on Messenger and What They Mean in 2019

With the rise of social media and messenger apps, it’s natural that new slang words will be formed. Gone were the days of abbreviations, as we’re now more on vague words that need further context.

So before you get all confused when seeing the word “snatched” on your messenger, here are 19 trending slang words on that are being used on messenger apps. We’re also going to give you a proper definition and example so that you’ll know when’s the right time to use these slang words.

19 Trending Slang Words on Messenger Apps


Jealous about something. Ex: I honestly don’t care if you’ve told mom about my relationship…It doesn’t change the fact that you’re salty.


Being over-the-top, whether on something you’re doing, or something that you’re wearing. Ex. “Is she wearing that low-neck dress here in the reunion? That’s so extra.”


Term of endearment that means “Before anything else”. Ex. He endured a 3-hour bus ride just to see me. He’s such a bae.


A millennial take on “yes”, showing excitement. Ex. Yaaas I’m finally gonna see Trixie Mattel next week!

Clap Back

When someone tries to insult you but you replied in a sassier and more cleverly way– that’s a clap back. Ex. Oh hun, just wait. My best friend is definitely gonna clap back to her haters…


A mix of stalker and fan. A die-hard fan or a celebrity, musician, etc. Ex. Stan Loona guys! You won’t regret it for sure.


Awesome. High-quality. Ex. I have some memes here bro…these memes are pretty dank I swear!


Millenial take on “shock”. Being overly surprised about something. Ex. So I found that Tara’s cousin is my ex…like I’m shook sis!


When you saw something that is undeniably amazing, you tend to get your “wig” snatched just from pure awesomeness. Ex: Every time I see that iconic lip-sync battle, my wig is simply snatched!


When a relevant person (mostly celebrities and internet personalities) did something horrible and unforgivable, the internet tends to ‘cancel’ them which means: they won’t support this person, boycott his/her endeavors, and unfollow his/her account. Ex. That woman is selling expired lipsticks! She’s definitely canceled in the beauty community.


The short version of “Crazy”. Some also use “Cray-cray” for more emphasis. Ex. I know she’s hot, dude…but according to my girlfriend, she’s a bit cray-cray.


Short for details. Ex. “I’m going to start an art collaboration in Japan. Will post the full deets soon!”


An abbreviation for Display picture. Ex. Have you seen her DP already? It seems like she’s back with her ex again…


Short for Favorite. Ex. Yes, the royal milk tea is my forever fav in that shop.


An abbreviation that means Fear Of Missing Out. Ex. I’m kinda tired and I don’t wanna go to that party, but you know me… I have FOMO.


Being self-aware. Ex. Funny how that show explained how horrible they are… It’s so weird and meta, sis.


What people say when they see something relatable. Ex. Have you seen that photo with a girl eating alone at a samgyeopsal? That’s a mood.


Impressing everyone. Ex. The moment she entered the room, she just slayed!


What most people call on their group of friends. Ex. The squad’s going to Michelle’s party tonight? Are you going?

And there go the top slangs for social media and messenger apps. Want more reads? Check out the list below:

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When Messaging your Partner, Avoid Doing These 9 Things

Thanks to technology, maintaining a connection with your significant other is so much easier. There are messaging and social network apps available to keep in touch with your partner.

In just a few clicks, you can express to your SO what you truly feel.

But as you enjoy the convenience of instant messaging, there are also things you need to consider every time you chat your partner. Here are the 9 things you should stop doing when messaging your partner.

Not doing any of this will lessen fights and make your online relationship so much peaceful.

#1 – Don’t Abbreviate too Much

It’s okay to give an occasional “brb” or “tbh” But don’t push your partner’s buttons by sending complicated acronyms like ICBWICBM (It could be worse, It could be me). Don’t also reply with abbreviations all the time. You just look lazy or uninterested in chatting your partner.

#2 – Never discuss important matters thru Online Messaging

Important matters such as relationship issues should be done in person. Even if you use video calling, how will you determine what your partner actually feels? How will you know how to react properly? With that, always make personal meet-ups for this type of conversation.

#3 – Avoid Flooding your Partner with Messages

Sending a whole message is so much easier for you and for your SO. Don’t send one-word messages.

Like this.
It might be easier.
Typing like this.
But consider other factors.
Like your SO’s phone notif sound.
But seriously.
It can be annoying.
Don’t do this.

#4 – Don’t Use Emojis All the Time

Using emojis when messaging your partner can be cute and fun, but don’t overdo it. Also, don’t reply to your partner with only using emojis. You look lazy and foolish at the same time.

#5 – Avoid Messaging your Partner when Angry or Stressed

If you’re not in the mood or a bit stressed on something, it’s okay to take a few steps back. Just let your partner know you’re resting. This will lessen any possible fights or misunderstandings.

#6 – Don’t Send too much Nonsense

It’s nice to share a meme or a viral video, but as stated in the other tips, don’t overdo it. There are tagging options on existing and new social media apps, so use that instead.

#7 – Don’t Screenshot your Messages

You’re having a fight and now you’re sending screenshots to your friends. For you, you might think that you’re not doing any harm. But what if you found out that your private messages are being sent to other people too? You wouldn’t like that, do you?

Also, secure messaging apps for Android and iOS have notifications now in case someone grabbed a screenshot. So to avoid any suspicion, just stop doing this.

#8 – Don’t Distract Them

If you’re aware that your partner is doing something important, take a chill pill for awhile. Your partner isn’t going to cheat in a just a few hours of not chatting to you. Give him/her some space too.

#9 – Don’t Get Mad for Late Replies

If your SO did this once, don’t make such a big deal out of this. Remember, your partner has a life outside of your relationship. But if it’s occurring regularly, then it’s best to settle it with your SO in person.

I know these 9 things aren’t dealbreakers, but having healthy messaging habits especially when chatting your partner truly shows that you care.

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Looking for the Best International Texting App? Try these 5 Texting Apps

If you’re going out of the country or simply trying to message someone from another country, an international texting app is such a handy tool.

With a messaging app, you only need the internet to contact someone. What’s good about it is that you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of prepaid load. You’re in Malaysia and want to talk to someone in Australia? Just find a reliable WiFi connection and you’re good to go.

Thanks to communication-centered apps such as an International Texting App, you can chat with someone from another country in just a few clicks.

There’s also a wide array of texting apps to choose from. Tech companies are continuously pumping out different texting and calling apps in the digital market, finding ways to perfectly match their apps to our needs.

Now, among these international texting apps, we’re recommending you 5 best texting apps to try out.


Starting this list is the classic favorite, Skype. With this international texting app, you can send someone an instant message, voice or video call to anyone around the world– all for free.

Main Features:
  • Video Calls – Talk to your friends and family, face to face.
  • Voice Calls – Want to talk to someone but is too awkward for video calls? Go for voice calls.
  • Chat – Send messages instantly and create group chats for plans.
  • SMS Connect – You can still use Skype even if you’re using a laptop or PC.
  • Share photos and videos – Share photos and videos to your loved ones. You save shared photos and videos.


EyesUP is one of the freshest social media apps in the digital market. Aside from being able to send messages and make calls around the globe, this app also serves as a photo sharing app. You can upload photos and videos and interact with other users.

Main Features:
  • Send Free Instant Messages – Send instant messages in any form.
  • Audio and Video Calls – Connect with your friends through direct call and easily switch to video calls if you want to.
  • Group Chat – Whether you’re planning for an actual trip or a trip down memory lane, plan it out with EyesUP’s group chat. With this feature, you can add up to 50 members.
  • Present in Style – With EyesUP’s Grid layout, present your adventure in style. You can also add up to 6 profile photos, and give a brief description of yourself in the bio section.

Download the social media app here:EyesUP on Google Play Store | EyesUP on App Store


Staying in touch has never been easier with Viber. It’s an international texting app that provides secure messaging and calling. Same with all the other apps on the list, this app is free of charge as you’ll only need a stable internet connection to use this.

Main Features:
  • Send Free message- whether it’s a text, photo, video or sticker, Viber gets you covered.
  • Make Free Audio and Video Calls – Make and receive high-quality calls.
  • Express yourself with GIFs and Stickers – Looking for a way to level up your messages? Choose from about 35,000 stickers.
  • Secret Chats – Be secured with your private messages, thanks to Viber’s self-destruct feature.
  • Spice up Conversations with Chat Extensions – Try out the app’s chat extensions including easy access to your favorite links, GIFs and videos, Yelp, YouTube, Booking, Spotify and more.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a free international texting app that provides free calling and messaging services to its users. You’ll only need a reliable connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to get its benefits.

Main Features

  • Free Messages – Send messages without any charge.
  • Share multimedia content – If you want to share something that is not just possible with plain texts.
  • Group Chat – Start a group chat with your family and friends.
  • Always Logged in – Once you’re logged in the app, you won’t be logged out at all. This will ensure that you’ll get timely notifications about your messages.


Looking for a texting app that provides high-quality calls for reasonable prices? Then definitely try Rebtel.

Main Features
  • Get high-quality calls for lower prices.
  • No more ridiculous charges when talking to someone abroad. Connect over 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, or local phone lines—you decide.
  • Call any kind of phone, from smartphones to landlines, anywhere in the world
  • Invite friends and earn calling minutes

And that’s our top 5 chat apps for Android and IOS. Which of these apps are you willing to try? Do share this up on your social channels.