December 12, 2019
woman shocked by social media dating date

5 Signs that you’re Getting Catfished | Social Media Dating Tips

Social media dating has become the norm. Before, if someone finds out that you’re trying to look for love online, you’ll get embarrassed and teased upon. But now, everyone’s encouraging each other to try out different social media dating platforms–to start their dating journey by swiping right.

This is because of its convenience. With social media dating apps, you can do the bare minimum and still get a date by the next week. It also defies distance, as you can meet love from another province, state or country. Imagine if there are no smartphones nor internet around, how will you be able to meet the love of your life now?

But along with the convenience and other perks social media dating has given to us, there are risks that come with it. One of them is chatting to a catfish.

What is a Catfish?

A catfish is a slang word used for a person who uses a different identity online. Catfishes usually do this to lure someone into a romantic relationship. They will push their victims into sending them money, intimate photos, or gifts.

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Catfishes are everywhere. Every social network has these kinds of people, simply lurking and searching for their next victim. It’s been so prevalent that there’s an MTV show just for that.

5 Signs that you’re Chatting with a Catfish

It’s possible that the one you’re chatting right– yes the beautiful blonde girl with emerald eyes– could be a catfish. So if you’re doubting or simply curious, here are the signs to use when spotting a catfish.

#1: They Can’t Video Call You

Yes, shy people exist and some are not comfortable with video calling through messenger. But if they refuse to do a video call, even if you’ve been asking for several times already, then there’s already a chance that person is a catfish.

#2: They Refuse to Meet in Person

If the person you’re chatting to is in another province, state, or country, then it’s reasonable for him/her to reject your meetup invite. But if the person is within your city and refuses to see it just because he/she is a catfish or someone that’s not supposed to go on a date (e.g. married).

#3: Can’t Send Voice Recordings nor Answer a Voice Call

In line with the first sign, let’s say that the person is simply shy. If that’s the case, you can ask the person for a voice call instead. Now if the person still refuses to talk to you, then you’re most likely talking to a different person, and probably from the opposite sex.

#4: Asking for Gifts or Money

Don’t ever give gifts or money to someone you haven’t met in real life yet. Yes, you’re in a “long-distance relationship” with this person but how can you be so sure that the person you’re talking to is real?

#5: Something is Off

If your instinct is telling you that something off about the person you’re chatting to, then maybe it’s better to actually assess the person you’re chatting to. Is he/she has the signs above? What makes you think something is off? If he/she has most of the signs above, then it’s best to let go.

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