October 15, 2019
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Dating thru Social Media Chat Apps: Statistics, Pros and Cons

Social media chat apps is now a communication hub for families, friends, and strangers. Well, who wouldn’t use such apps?

Social media chat apps let you do the following:

  • Send someone unlimited messages.
  • Send someone different kinds of content.
  • Start a group chat.
  • You can answer that person anytime, anywhere– even at the bathroom.
  • A local chat app enables you to meet new people nearby.
  • Some messaging apps have voice and video calling features.
  • Most social media chat apps are free.

With its benefits, people are getting hooked on. In a world where we’re always out, it’s important to have a convenient means to contact our loved ones.

But now, social media chat apps are also used now to start romantic relationships. Little by little it’s changing the dating game– which leads to different pros and cons.

The Surge of Social Dating Apps

Technology is taking over, and we’re all here for it. Even in romantic aspects, we’re using social media now. The previous negative stigma about online dating is diminishing. Nowadays, people are using their mobile phones to chat with potential partners.

Here are some examples of dating apps:

  • Tinder: The most popular app in the pool on social dating apps. It’s one of the local chat apps that started the swipe left, swipe right concept. (Swipe concept: You swipe left if you pass on messaging the person, and right if you’re interested.)
  • Coffee Meets Bagel: A dating app that allows the user to have a few bagels (profiles) a day. And in every bagel, the user will have 24 hours to decide if he/she will match with the offered bagel. If the other person likes him/her, they reconnect on a private chat. The chat will then expire after 8 days.
  • Match: It is a classic, starting way back before all the known social dating apps (match.com). The dating concept for this is if you’re interested in someone, you can send them a wink. You can also find winkable people on their match database.
  • Bumble: If you’re familiar with tinder, then most likely you’ll find Bumble and Tinder oddly similar. The difference is for Bumble, once a couple got matched, the woman is required to message first. If the girl didn’t make the first move, the message is going to expire within 24 hours. For same-gender matches, both of the people can message first.

Dating Thru Social Media Chat: By The Numbers

Pew Research Center presented statistics about online dating. It showed the effects of online dating to one’s perspective and experiences about dating. Here is what they found out:

People are gradually accepting online dating

Dating from the internet always had a bad reputation. Most people think that people who use online dating are desperate. But as social media became essential, people’s thoughts about online relationships changed.

According to Pew Research Center, 59% of US adults believe that online dating is a good way to meet people.

Meet-ups from online dating are still not common

Despite people embracing online dating, about 43% of online daters (US Adults) have never met anyone they were chatting to. This shows that as much as we enjoy chatting strangers online, there is still hesitation to go on the next level.

5% of Americans who are in a committed relationship met their partner online

Technology is doing everything to provide a meaningful connection through a local chat app. But having a real relationship from the online world is still a rare occurrence.

Should you try online dating?

Now that you’ve checked the figures, you might be thinking if you should continue or try this out.

The only answer we can give you is to go for it. Find a stable and safe social media app. It could be the apps that we’ve mentioned, it could also be apps that you’ve discovered by yourself. Try to mingle. Talk to different types of people online. Don’t be tied up with preferences made by AI.

What can you say about online dating? Share this now on your socials and let us hear your thoughts.