December 12, 2019
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8 Tips When Chatting Your Crush on Messenger | Free Texting Online Tips

Thanks to free texting online and calling apps, it’s easy to know someone and establish relationships. Nowadays, you can actually talk to your crush without making it awkward– and that’s by free texting online.

Instead of having awkward in-person chit-chat, you can start by messaging your crush on his/her social media profile. In this way, you can know the person without sounding goofy and hopefully help you loosen up once you’ve talked to him/her in person.

But still, chatting your crush can be nervewracking. With that, here are 8 tips to consider when messaging your crush on free texting online platforms and messenger apps.

8 Tips When Chatting Your Crush on Messenger

Here’s the rundown of the 8 tips. For in-depth information, scroll down for more.

  1. Step Away from the Shyness
  2. Patience is the Key
  3. Keep it light
  4. Know Your Boundaries
  5. Show Your Sense of Humor
  6. Stop Overthinking
  7. Stop Asking Your Friends On Every Message
  8. Observe if the Person is Interested

#1: Step Away from the Shyness

Let’s say you’re now connected with your crush on messenger. Instead of waiting for your crush’s message, go ahead and say hello. You’re not in front of him/her, so it’s okay to loosen up a bit.

#2: Patience is the Key

So you’ve messaged the person, this is the part where you wait. Don’t be too eager and bombard your crush with messages, just let it flow naturally.

#3: Keep it light

At the start of the convo, keep it light. Ask questions about his/her life but don’t go too personal. You can also share your stories, but save the heavy stories once you become closer to him/her.

#4: Know Your Boundaries

If you and your crush are having some flirty banter, good for you! But don’t go too far or you might offend that person.

#5: Show Your Sense of Humor

One of the best things about free texting online is that you can send multimedia messages. This means that aside from funny jokes and pickup lines, you can try sending him/her memes, gifs, and videos. This is also a charming trait so make sure that you share this with your crush.

#6: Stop Overthinking

Instead of thinking about a certain message or beating yourself up because you sent the wrong emoji, just let it slide and enjoy the moment you’re chatting with your special someone.

#7: Stop Asking Your Friends on What to Reply

It’s nice to have an outside perspective but seriously, don’t ask your friends on your every reply. Unless they know your crush well enough, their opinions don’t matter that much.

#8: Observe if the Person is Interested

Before you get blinded by the rose-colored glasses, check if the person is interested in talking to you. He/she might be replying but if the replies are stale, you might wanna consider taking a step back. If the person completely stops showing interest, then let it go.

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