September 19, 2019

5 Fuss-Free Tips to Improve your Posts on Social Media Platforms

If you’re planning to become an internet personality on social media platforms, you need to create compelling content. It’s no longer enough for content creators to post consistently, each post should be well-thought too.

To help you improve your content on social media platforms, we’ve listed 5 tips that you can use when coming up with a new social media post.

5 Tips to Make Quality Content on Social Media Platforms

#1: Know your Brand

When starting a profile on social media platforms, we tend to get excited and post everything. This will then end with a messy feed which may drive some social network users away.

With this, start with determining the overall tone of your profile. Do you want your social media posts to be light or dark? Funny or professional? Do you want to incorporate memes or infographics? You can also contact friends through messenger or in person. Ask them questions about your brand. Ask your friends if what makes you “you”? They may have interesting insights that you could add to your account.

If you can determine your brand, your feed will be more cohesive and you’ll attract your target.

#2: Determine Your Target Audience

Speaking of ‘target’, assess your audience first before editing or making any post. In that way, you’ll know what type of content you’ll work on for your social media platforms.

Let’s say you’re a financial advisor and wanted to get more audience. You have to know the person that you want to be interested in your content. If your target is young professionals/ Millenials, your posts should resonate with them. You can incorporate modern pop culture references or even use their slangs and such on the caption.

#3: Avoid Stock Photos

In blogging, photos aren’t as focuses as people usually go for the content. But for social media platforms, posting your photos will get you more traction. Viewers always go for authenticity, so take note of that every time you’re posting on photo sharing apps.

#4: Check the Feedback

Sometimes, ideas are right in front of you. It’s just that we don’t have a clue that it’s there. With that in mind, do check the different comments from your previous posts. Sometimes, followers do leave their requests in there. You can also ask your followers by posting a suggestion thread or poll.

#5: Share Content from other Creators Too

If you’re running an SEO blog, do make sure you’re also sharing content from other blogs too. Not all the time the info must come from you as other creator so do share different insights too. This will bring in a good impression to your followers, as well to the other creator too. Who knows? You could even collab in the future.

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