September 19, 2019
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19 Trending Slang Words on Messenger and What They Mean in 2019

With the rise of social media and messenger apps, it’s natural that new slang words will be formed. Gone were the days of abbreviations, as we’re now more on vague words that need further context.

So before you get all confused when seeing the word “snatched” on your messenger, here are 19 trending slang words on that are being used on messenger apps. We’re also going to give you a proper definition and example so that you’ll know when’s the right time to use these slang words.

19 Trending Slang Words on Messenger Apps


Jealous about something. Ex: I honestly don’t care if you’ve told mom about my relationship…It doesn’t change the fact that you’re salty.


Being over-the-top, whether on something you’re doing, or something that you’re wearing. Ex. “Is she wearing that low-neck dress here in the reunion? That’s so extra.”


Term of endearment that means “Before anything else”. Ex. He endured a 3-hour bus ride just to see me. He’s such a bae.


A millennial take on “yes”, showing excitement. Ex. Yaaas I’m finally gonna see Trixie Mattel next week!

Clap Back

When someone tries to insult you but you replied in a sassier and more cleverly way– that’s a clap back. Ex. Oh hun, just wait. My best friend is definitely gonna clap back to her haters…


A mix of stalker and fan. A die-hard fan or a celebrity, musician, etc. Ex. Stan Loona guys! You won’t regret it for sure.


Awesome. High-quality. Ex. I have some memes here bro…these memes are pretty dank I swear!


Millenial take on “shock”. Being overly surprised about something. Ex. So I found that Tara’s cousin is my ex…like I’m shook sis!


When you saw something that is undeniably amazing, you tend to get your “wig” snatched just from pure awesomeness. Ex: Every time I see that iconic lip-sync battle, my wig is simply snatched!


When a relevant person (mostly celebrities and internet personalities) did something horrible and unforgivable, the internet tends to ‘cancel’ them which means: they won’t support this person, boycott his/her endeavors, and unfollow his/her account. Ex. That woman is selling expired lipsticks! She’s definitely canceled in the beauty community.


The short version of “Crazy”. Some also use “Cray-cray” for more emphasis. Ex. I know she’s hot, dude…but according to my girlfriend, she’s a bit cray-cray.


Short for details. Ex. “I’m going to start an art collaboration in Japan. Will post the full deets soon!”


An abbreviation for Display picture. Ex. Have you seen her DP already? It seems like she’s back with her ex again…


Short for Favorite. Ex. Yes, the royal milk tea is my forever fav in that shop.


An abbreviation that means Fear Of Missing Out. Ex. I’m kinda tired and I don’t wanna go to that party, but you know me… I have FOMO.


Being self-aware. Ex. Funny how that show explained how horrible they are… It’s so weird and meta, sis.


What people say when they see something relatable. Ex. Have you seen that photo with a girl eating alone at a samgyeopsal? That’s a mood.


Impressing everyone. Ex. The moment she entered the room, she just slayed!


What most people call on their group of friends. Ex. The squad’s going to Michelle’s party tonight? Are you going?

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