December 12, 2019

10 Freshest Social Chatting Apps to Check Out this 2019

Social chatting apps are flourishing this 2019.

Tech developers are paving their way to provide awesome social media chatting apps. These apps solidify existing features and bring in new and clever features.

Want to know the best social media chatting apps? You don’t need to check every app, we’ve compiled the top 10 newest social chatting apps that are worth to install:


EyesUP is one of the social chatting apps that’s trying to reinvent the way we do social media.

Nowadays, everyone focuses on putting up many features on their social networking apps. By adding so many features, users end up getting a laggy device.

Users can chat with people, as well as do audio and video calls. The app also has a nearby feature on which the app will have suggested friends based on your location. Aside from that, they can check new users on the app’s discover feature and build their own engaging content.


With Ablo, you can meet and gain new friends and discover human and cultural diversity. It doesn’t matter what your language is, thanks to its built-in language translator. There’s also a video chat feature for real-time conversations.

Enigma Chat

Enigma Chat combines security and minimalism. This social media chatting app provides passcode authentication, end-to-end encryption, hide chat feature, lock chat feature, and disabled notification feature.

These features protect your messages from hackers and lurkers.


Chat anonymously with FaceCat. This indie messenger allows users to create discussions under an alias and avatars. It can create open multi-user chats and has encrypted data features.


HereHere is one of the location-based social media chatting apps. What the user only needs to do is select a place on Google Maps and voila, you’ll see the users who are in that area, real-time. You can check out if a certain place has an event, or if you’re looking for someone who can be your companion in the same area.


GroupMe is a social media chat app for all the groups in your life. Whether you want to have a group chat with your family or friends, you can create a chat room in just a few clicks. Aside from text messages, you can also share photos and videos to your chat rooms.

Chudo Messenger

Chudo brings in the fun side of messaging, as users can create Live 3D Avatars for their Chudo account.

Users can also have their own personal keyboard and customized emojis.

Chad App

Chad is a messaging app that allows its users to chat with people online. It has location-based chat rooms pinned on the app’s map. Users can also filter the map using tags to find events near them.


Thready is a messaging app that is inspired by slack. With this social chatting app, you can create threads within chats. You can also use threads to share pics, making photo-sharing more organized.

Pen Pals

With Pen Pals, there’s no swiping or followers feature. This means that you don’t need to worry about gaining numbers. Users can instead focus on having genuine conversations.

And there you have it, here are the 10 freshest social chatting apps you need to check on this 2019.

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Best Wifi Calling App? Here are our Top 10 Picks

Looking for the most reliable way to call someone? Go for a WiFi Calling App.

With the typical prepaid or postpaid calling, you need to pay up a hefty amount for the mobile load. You’re also restricted to only call people within your country.

So if you’re planning to contact someone abroad, you might need to pay extra mobile network fees. If you don’t want that, you can look for other options such as WiFi calling apps.

Having a free online calling app will save you money and is more flexible to connect with anyone. You only need some internet connection and you’re good to go!

This is why we’re bringing you the top 10 WiFi calling apps to connect with your loved ones. Some of these apps also provide video calling so do check out for those apps.


More known as a video calling app, this is one of the most popular calling apps in the market. With its cross-platform feature, Skype brings in more flexibility to all its users.

It also lets you send text messages and call someone via WiFi or mobile data. You can also send voice messages, videos, and images. Users can video call in groups with up to 5 users.

Google Voice

With Google Voice, you’ll be able to get free calls. Users can call an actual number through PC and Mobile platforms. It’s also hailed as the best way for WiFi calling app on Android to any number.

Aside from providing free internet calls, this app aims to merge compiled numbers. By installing it to your device, the app will give you a single, free phone number. You can then give the free number to your chosen contacts. With this, your personal number is more secure.

Facebook Messenger

With 1.56 daily active users, it’s no surprise that Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps. This app is packed with calling, messaging and non-messaging features (like games).


EyesUP is one of the newest social network apps in the market. Aside from free local and international calling, EyesUP also provides video call and social media features.

What separates this app from the rest is that the user can both have Friends and Followers.

  • Friends meant you followed each other.
  • Followers are the users you don’t follow, but they follow you for engaging content.

There is also a separate messaging section for user’s friends and followers. This means that the user will be able to filter personal messages.

If you’re looking for free online calls and social media features, this is one of the best options.

WhatsApp Messenger

This instant messaging app enables you to call your WhatsApp friends via WiFi or mobile data. If you’re using free WiFi, then you can call your friends for free, as long as they’re also using WhatsApp.


It may sound like it only supports text messaging, but this is also a free international calling app. With TextNow, the user can send and receive free phone calls with other users. The user can also text any phone because the app will provide an actual number for you. But if the user planning to call someone who isn’t connected to TextNow, the user needs to earn or buy credits.


Viber Messenger is another WiFi calling App with millions of internet users. This international calling app supports online calling, video calling, and instant messaging.

One of the most notable features of this app is the hidden message feature. Viber has a special hidden feature where the user is required to put up a PIN number.


TextFree is a free messaging app that provides you a free phone number to make app-to-app calls and texts. Not only that, you can even customize your voicemail greetings. This is a great app for those who are privy when comes to their personal numbers.

Be noted though. If you fail to use the given number by 30 days, you will lose ownership to the TextFree number. If you’re going to use this app again, you will need to use a new one.


If you have loved ones staying in Asia and the Middle East, you might heard about this free call and messaging app.

Maaii gives its users an unlimited number of WiFi-based calls. This app also supports outbound calls to landlines and phones, though you have to pay for it. Other features include Voice and Video Mail, group video chat, and video caller ID.


Little by little, people are starting to discover this audio calling app. Imo supports audio and video calls and works on mobile data as well.

One of its ingenious features is that the user can install a chrome extension. This is helpful especially if you stay more on desktop than mobile.

And that ends our top picks for calling apps. Remember, always find the mobile app that aligns with your needs. Don’t be easily smitten with gimmicky features. Also, consider your security as you’re dealing with your personal number.

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Secure Your Free Messaging Apps: 8 Tips on Making Stronger Passwords

Free messaging apps enable us to connect with anyone in the world.

With best text apps on Android or iOS, having friends is easier. Gaining new friendships became more convenient. Strengthening existing friendships became possible, as well. Because of this, it’s essential to have a video chatting app and a messaging app nowadays.

But along with the benefits comes with risks. One of those risks is having a hacked account.

You may have the best text app for Android or IOS, but you can never be sure. As technology advances, hackers are also improving their ways.

Internet Users feel that their personal information is vulnerable

Statistics show that 72% of Internet Users in the U.S. feel that their information is vulnerable. Meanwhile, 11% have no idea if their data is vulnerable or not. There is also a possible increase in this because of the recent cybersecurity threats.

People are getting more concerned with their online privacy. In an era where your online credibility matters, getting hacked may bring danger.

What can a hacker do to my hacked account?

If you don’t do precautionary measures (such as letting your texting app have a weak password), the following is what a hacker can do to your texting app:

  • Send malicious content to your Private Chat and Group Chat
  • Hijack all your social media accounts
  • Sell your information to other parties
  • Use your private information for Blackmailing
  • Ruin your online credibility by posting sensitive information on your profile.
  • Steal your identity to catfish people online.

Listed above are just a few threats that could happen if you don’t set up a strong password. This is why despite having the best text app on android or IOS, account hacking can still happen.

Why Password Strength is important to your messaging app

A Password is a set of numbers, words, and characters. You use a Password to access a digital (whether offline or online) system.

It ensures an app, such as a free messaging app, is only accessed by the people who have the right to do so.

Meanwhile, Password Strength determines the password’s protection against hacking.

How do you protect your account thru passwords?
Websites and Apps are encouraging their new users to create stronger passwords to ensure their user’s safety. Aside from that, social media apps and websites are now enabling One Time Password or OTP as part of their authentication process.

What is One-Time-Password or OTP?
As this term was mentioned above, you may wonder about OTP or One-Time-Password and why you need this on the registration process. With OTPs, users will be logging on the social network through a unique password that can only be used once. Most social media platforms require users to do this once during the registration process, but some platforms are requiring their users to log in regularly using OTP. This is a usual practice with platforms that contain sensitive data, such as banks.

Why are OTPs important? This logging in mechanism prevents identity theft and provides strong authentication. It ensures that your social media or messaging account is safe from any possible threats.

8 Tips on Making Stronger Passwords for your Free Messaging App

There are new features to secure your free messaging apps or social platforms. But doing something on your part matters as well. Here are things to consider:

  • Your password should include at least 12 characters.
  • Stay away from obvious dictionary words and easily guessed details. If possible, go for a word you can’t find in the dictionary.
  • Avoid using basic personal details, such as your birthday.
  • Don’t use common substitutions (Ex. Number 0 for Letter O). As much possible, mix it up (Ex. Number 8 for Letter B)
  • Update your password regularly. You can either keep a base password then add characters for complexity. You can also change the whole thing.
  • Don’t reuse your Passwords. As much as you can, simply create new passwords for every social media or messaging account.
  • Test it. You may check websites such as How Secure Is My Password to help you determine its strength.
  • Use a Password Manager. Organizing your passwords could help, especially if you have tons of online accounts.

IT Devs are now Ensuring Free Messaging Apps with Stronger Security

New apps, such as this new social messaging app, are working their way to ensure that users are safe from any kind of online threat. More security features are integrated on apps and websites, like OTPs.

Yet again, working on a few extra steps to secure your account will be beneficial in the long run. Now, it’s up to you on what tools to use and tips to consider.

Messaging’s Major Changes: Social Media Chat Trends in 2019

Social media chat, also known as instant messaging, continuously paves its way in the digital world. With its continuous rise, messaging app trends are also emerging every year.

From updated security methods up to newly-established features, here are social chatting trends in 2019.

More people are using messenger apps

Several online security issues happened within the last few months, such as the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal and the 2018 Facebook Data Breach.With the recent issues, people became more concerned with their data and privacy. These breaches have made them look for messaging alternatives.

Social Media Chat Apps are getting more secure

Due to the different security issues, social media chat apps are now strict now. Some messenger apps now require users to have a one-time password authentication.

How does OTP or One-time password works? As the users try to log in to the social chatting app, the app will provide a code. The app will send the code through your phone or email. Once they have access to the code, they’ll need to type it in and that’s when they’ll get to access their account.

This technique prevents hackers from getting your account. As long as you have your device and secured email, then you have nothing to worry about.

Voice Messages are getting bigger

Nowadays, users are looking for other ways to chat online with people without typing. With this, Voice Messaging is now an essential feature of various messenger apps.

According to recent studies, approximately 200 million voice WhatsApp messages are sent daily. The app also expects to increase within the next year.

More people are also looking for a voice chat app. They also exclaimed that phone calls are starting to be nonexistent. Such a bold claim, but somehow the numbers are backing this up.

Businesses are now using free messaging apps

The email has been the formal standard for business communication. But studies show that businesses, such as online shops, are now using free messaging apps. They use messaging apps to contact their customers, suppliers, and distributors.

With the growing usage of businesses on messenger apps, developers are now working on business-related features, One example of this is Facebook Messenger which has launched its both API in 2016. About 300,000 chatbots have been developed on its platform.

WhatsApp also launched its API. It’s called the “WhatsApp for Business” platform. This API will allow users to send automated messages to their customers.

The power of “Delete”

Social media chat apps are now adding the delete feature in their messages. Recently, Facebook Messenger now allows users to delete their messages. Users can delete any message within 10 minutes of sending it.

If you haven’t deleted it by 10 minutes, then you won’t be able to delete it. Yet Despite the delete feature, the receiver can still see if there’s a deleted message.

Instant Messaging is here to stay

Communication is what keeps the world going.

Thanks to free messaging apps, messaging became convenient and inexpensive. Along with these trends, users should also be wary of the responsibilities of using social chatting apps. In that way, everyone gets a better and more peaceful messaging experience.

What are the different trends that you think will be emerging in the next few years? Share this post on social media accounts and post your thoughts as well.

Are Long-lasting Relationships possible from Social Chatting Apps?

Social chatting apps has made communication easy for families, friends and couples.

We’re now bidding goodbye to long waiting time. No more grueling preparation for sending a traditional letter or telegram.

With today’s technology, you’ll need a reliable social media chat app, and done! Your message is sent. You can also check now if the receiver has seen your message. This ensures that the communication lines are always open.

Thanks to international and local chat apps, wherever the person is, you can talk to them without any problems. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you’re all set.

Because of that, online messaging became the main form of communication for couples. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, EyesUp, and other dating apps got launched. Chat apps for Android and iOS, such as Viber and Telegram, were launched too.

With these social chatting apps, more people are finding love online. Even two people who are miles apart can be together. Indeed, technology is bringing in magic on relationships.

But not everything is as magical as it seems. People started to wonder– are these online relationships sustainable?

Is there a possibility that two people finding each other online, could last for a long time?

Love from Social Chatting Apps? There is hope– according to this subreddit

There’s this up and running subreddit called r/wemetonline. It’s about stories from various couples that have met online. Most of the couples on this thread are new, but a few of them turned their online relationships into something more.

One of the couples had their story become the top thread on the said subreddit. They met on OkCupid a year ago and now they’re getting married. It shows that even from local chat apps, you can find the one person you might spend your life with.

Not every online relationship ends happily

Of course, not everything about online dating is sunshine and rainbows. The r/wemetonline subreddit also have posts about the troubles of online relationships. There are users asking for certain dillemmas, and some sharing their break-up stories.

Meanwhile, a Reddit thread titled “OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, Tinder users, what have been your online dating horror stories?” showed the some cringe-worthy and hilarious online dating fails. Some of the best stories on the thread are:

  • A guy ended up dating a girl who “can see demons” and even described the demon inside of him.
  • A story involving a guy who is supposed to date a petite, skinny woman, only to found that he’ll be meeting a pregnant 6 footer woman.

With the stories posted on this thread, it shows online dating is not as easy as you think it is. Sometimes, it requires luck as well.

There’s nothing wrong with hoping to connect with someone outside of your local zone. But before going full-in with this type of dating, you should also reconsider some things:

Social Media Dating Tips:

  • Ensure to find a reliable and secure dating app. If you’re not into dating apps, you may want to check out social media sites instead. You could try the popular apps such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also use new social media chat apps such as EyesUP.
  • Find a chat app for android or iOS with video calling features. This is to ensure the identity of the person you’re chatting to.
  • As you chat with people online, be cautious when sending personal information.
  • Don’t send any money or valuable gifts to someone you haven’t met. Don’t try to even if you’ve established a “romantic connection”.
  • Stable internet or a prepaid connection is a must.

We’ve given you a few pointers, now it’s time to go ahead and take the plunge. Everyone has a unique experience when it comes to instant messaging. Just be cautious, and for starters, check out these Secure Online Messaging apps.