October 15, 2019
woman planking for social media

The 6 Most Memorable Social Media Challenges of All Time

Challenges are part of the social media culture. From a tagging challenge to song-lyrics messenger prank challenge, everyone’s willing to dive in with the crowd. It’s usually for fun, but mostly, it’s for clout (likes and follows).

Curious about the challenges I’m talking about? Check these top 6 social media challenges that took the internet by storm.

The 6 Most Memorable Social Media Challenges of All Time

Ice Bucket Challenge

This monumental challenge happened about 5 years ago (July 2014). The mechanics on this is pretty simple. If you’re tagged on the challenge, you either donate for the ALS Association or dump a bucket of ice water over your head. The point of the whole ice bucket thing is to give promote awareness for the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (thus ALS).

This is one of the most memorable challenges and also provided people with ALS fair help for their situation, as this gag garnered about 220 Million dollars.

Planking (Lying Down Game)

At some point in 2008-2011, you’ve seen this pose: Someone lying down on a random pavement. (See Featured Image)

Known as lying down game, extreme lying down, and facedown, Planking has become an internet fad that became widely popular globally.

Despite its trending success, planking became controversial as it fades into the limelight. This is due to people planking on ridiculous and at times dangerous places.

The Harlem Shake

Started by the YouTuber FilthyFrank, this internet meme quickly rose to popularity by 2013, the time where the said the video-sharing app is at its peak, content-wise. It then became a popular challenge for internet users.

The Harlem Shake involves tons of dancing, and nope we’re not talking about the regular, in-sync dancing. We’re talking about random wiggly, seizure-like movements.

Chubby Bunny Challenge

This challenge has started way earlier. It’s not a super popular fad but it’s also the type of challenge that will still be in trend in the next few years. It only involves marshmallows and an incredibly wide mouth.

What’s the challenge all about? Well, you have to fill in as much as marshmallows in your mouth, while saying chubby bunny. The one who has the most marshmallows wins.

Mannequin Challenge

This challenge became popular in November 2016, different people across the globe dive in this harmless challenge. How does this challenge work? It involves a group of people and a cameraman. The gist is that the group of people has to freeze like a mannequin for a few seconds. The more difficult the poses are, the better.

Tide Pod Challenge

tide pods social media challenge
Tide Pods

This weird (and dangerous) challenge became viral in December 2017. It involves people eating Tide Pods, a laundry product by Tide. At first glance, it looks like a delicious candy, thus people joked around about eating it. Unfortunately, some content creators took the chance to capitalize on this meme and started chewing on these things.

It went viral as more content creators started goofing around with tide pods. But most social media platforms took most of the videos down since there are reports of people getting poisoned because of tide pods.

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