December 12, 2019
phone screenshots of two people having social media chat

Messaging’s Major Changes: Social Media Chat Trends in 2019

Social media chat, also known as instant messaging, continuously paves its way in the digital world. With its continuous rise, messaging app trends are also emerging every year.

From updated security methods up to newly-established features, here are social chatting trends in 2019.

More people are using messenger apps

Several online security issues happened within the last few months, such as the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal and the 2018 Facebook Data Breach.With the recent issues, people became more concerned with their data and privacy. These breaches have made them look for messaging alternatives.

Social Media Chat Apps are getting more secure

Due to the different security issues, social media chat apps are now strict now. Some messenger apps now require users to have a one-time password authentication.

How does OTP or One-time password works? As the users try to log in to the social chatting app, the app will provide a code. The app will send the code through your phone or email. Once they have access to the code, they’ll need to type it in and that’s when they’ll get to access their account.

This technique prevents hackers from getting your account. As long as you have your device and secured email, then you have nothing to worry about.

Voice Messages are getting bigger

Nowadays, users are looking for other ways to chat online with people without typing. With this, Voice Messaging is now an essential feature of various messenger apps.

According to recent studies, approximately 200 million voice WhatsApp messages are sent daily. The app also expects to increase within the next year.

More people are also looking for a voice chat app. They also exclaimed that phone calls are starting to be nonexistent. Such a bold claim, but somehow the numbers are backing this up.

Businesses are now using free messaging apps

The email has been the formal standard for business communication. But studies show that businesses, such as online shops, are now using free messaging apps. They use messaging apps to contact their customers, suppliers, and distributors.

With the growing usage of businesses on messenger apps, developers are now working on business-related features, One example of this is Facebook Messenger which has launched its both API in 2016. About 300,000 chatbots have been developed on its platform.

WhatsApp also launched its API. It’s called the “WhatsApp for Business” platform. This API will allow users to send automated messages to their customers.

The power of “Delete”

Social media chat apps are now adding the delete feature in their messages. Recently, Facebook Messenger now allows users to delete their messages. Users can delete any message within 10 minutes of sending it.

If you haven’t deleted it by 10 minutes, then you won’t be able to delete it. Yet Despite the delete feature, the receiver can still see if there’s a deleted message.

Instant Messaging is here to stay

Communication is what keeps the world going.

Thanks to free messaging apps, messaging became convenient and inexpensive. Along with these trends, users should also be wary of the responsibilities of using social chatting apps. In that way, everyone gets a better and more peaceful messaging experience.

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