December 12, 2019
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The Next Big Three Things in Secure Messaging Apps

Telegram’s Delete Forever Feature

The feature sound dramatic at first, It has a sense of finality that sound equally pleasing to users, in social media age, anyone can be put on trial of public opinion, not directly legally, some cases at least lead to lawsuit, some even lose their jobs, careers and reputation tarnished.

There are cases that these screengrabs has successfully turn the bad apples around, for a drama some people might fabricate and twist the narrative that would make you look like a terrible person. In case like Telegram, the feature, delete forever makes permanent absolute and real.

This feature functions like a nuclear option that absolves incriminating, embarrassing, and humiliating messages, at some point you want to move forward and sadly, some people would find ways to get dirt on you.

In some social media instances, twitter has exposed some controversial tweets, in the case of James Gunn’s fring (now reinstated) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

The new feature makes telegram great, something users should take advantage, it helps protect your price, it encourages people to talk more heart to heart instead of posting vague rants or disinherited thoughts, it helps that you talk to someone, and if you’re not comfortable then you can delete the message any time.

WhatsApp’s Group Invite

Next to Telegram, WhatsApp has been a secure messaging app staple. Two days ago, the app brings a new secure feature called Group Invite that requires users to take your permission before adding to your group chat, respectively.

This function helps users to know if the people their adding are legit and not spammers or hackers, it helps a lot that you

To enable this feature, go to: Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups and in groups option, you can choose who you can add on your group chats. The nobody option won’t allow anyone to add you on a group chat without your permission. The group invitation lasts for 72 days. When it comes to shared media, it will still remain on the group chat but since this feature is in developing stages, we could see removal of shared media from the user erased as well, only time can tell

The newly created chat sends you a request to add or not that protects your privacy, and lessens your time with people you don’t want to deal with, we Filipinos for instance happen to have a lot of family group chats, some random awkward selfies of your aunt and uncles, and worse name calling or misunderstanding, that happens to be awkward especially if you’re meeting them on social occasions since it can’t be helped.

“Encrypted Messaging Made Simple”

Cyphr’s tagline says it all, your messages are encrypted and protected and the servers can’t track down your message that aren’t logged. No complex encrypted feature, cyphr’s simplistic approach assures your messages are safeguarded from any message and the amazing feature of cyprhr is that the recipient is required to use a passcode on opening a message.

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