September 19, 2019
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7 Reasons Why Messaging is Better than Calling

Everyone is saying that calling is better than messaging, especially if you’re aiming for intimate conversations.

I mean, who doesn’t wanna hear someone’s voice while talking about their day? Calling adds more authenticity to conversations, compared to the messages on social network apps.

But sometimes, shooting a message is so much better than calling someone, and we’re here to explain more about it. 

Why Messaging is Better Than Calling 

Here are the 7 reasons why messaging someone is better in certain situations:

1. Planning is better

It’s nice to hear your friend’s excited voice about your upcoming vacation, but making plans through calls isn’t gonna cut it. You may forget certain details, which may lead to some trouble.

Messaging is better if you’re planning as a group since you can just create a group chat instead. You can also check out new social media apps that enable you to plan out with your friends.

2. It’s More Convenient when you’re Extremely Busy

There are days where it’s tough to even have to sit still for 10 minutes. With this kind of scenario, sending someone a message is more doable on your part. You can also do multitasking with chatting compared to calling someone. 

3. It’s Eases the Awkwardness

Do you want to approach that cute org-mate but is too shy to talk to him? Well, you can start by messaging hello to that person. Besides, calling that person can be too much, considering that you’re not that close. 

4. Discussing Sensitive Information is More Secure

There are certain topics that you just can’t say out loud. So if you’re talking to someone about a sensitive topic and you can’t meet the person, it’s better to leave it in messages than to make hush replies. 

5. You won’t Annoy Anyone on Public Transport

You might wanna pass some time and call your bestfriend about your day, but this may lead to raised eyebrows. People just want to go to their destination unbothered, and having to hear your loud chuckles isn’t gonna make them feel better. To keep other commuters in peace, send that person a message instead. 

6. It Helps You Explain Better During Emotional Times

Fighting with your partner? Having a heated argument with your thesismate? Instead of calling the person and start shouting without proper logic, go for messaging instead. This will put things in better perspective if you’re trying to explain something.

By typing your feelings away, you get a sense of what you’re trying to say. You can also edit it out before putting yourself in further trouble. 

7. Messaging Saves Time

One of the best things about messaging someone is that it saves time. You don’t need to put up a 15-minute conversation anymore. Just type in your thoughts and click ‘send’. This helpful nowadays since most of the adults are go-getters now. 

And there you go, here are the 6 reasons why messaging is better than calling. Do you agree with this list? Do share your thoughts about it on our social media channels. 

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